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Westphalian DE441411353113 Prämienhengst

2012, bay, 1.73m (17.hands)

Revolution ( registered name originally was Royal Marash) is THE million dollar baby that was the talk of the dressage world at the Hanoverian licensing in Verden in 2015. His body mechanics are just amazing to watch. He is a big , strong young stallion with an exceptionally pleasant temperament and willingness. He moves through his entire body with ease and suppleness. He has developed into a magnificent young competition horse.

Revolution has a deep pedigree from the southern region of Germany in Westphalia, being by the developing sire, Rocky Lee, (Rock Forever – Justinian) – All Westphalian bred. Rocky Lee is already competing at PSG and Intermediare I and his sire, Rock Forever, is a well admired Grnad Prix dressage stallion and sire.

His dam Rochelle comes from the Rhineland region and is by the powerful Holsteiner sire Rouetto, who is known for his cross over ability in breeding, producing top dressage horses as well as jumpers. The dam sire of Rochelle is the Hannoverian Wendenburg (1975) who was a good producing stallion , being by the fabulous, venerable Wendekreis. (One of my all time favorites for his ability to consistently produce very good, willing riding horses.)

From the Hanoverian Association’s website:

“A Premium Stallion by Rocky Lee/Rouletto was sold at the record price of 1.2 million Euro. He will move to his new stall in Denmark with Helgstrand Dressage Stable. The sold-out Niedersachsenhalle celebrated the “Million-Dollar-Baby” with standing ovation.

The Westphalian-bred youngster by Rocky Lee/Rouletto (breeder: Yasemin Yanik, Essen – exhibitor: Detlef Ruddat, Kirchlinteln) was already treated as top-priced horse after his presentation on the triangle and rewarded with applause after having been nominated Premium Stallion. When auctioneer Daniel Delius accepted the bid at Euro 1,200,000 after a long, exciting bidders’ duel, the audience erupted in thunderous applause and dressage rider Andreas Helgstrand insisted on performing the lap of honour himself with the Premium Stallion. “It is a historical event that the one-million-Euro-mark was “cracked” here in Verden,” said Auction Manager Jörg-Wilhelm Wegener. And Breeding Manager Dr. Werner Schade added: “It has been shown that the licensing collection included some very special dressage stallions this year.”

From Helgstrand Dressage:

“Today, we acquired an exceptional top-notch stallion at the stallion auction at the Hanoverian licensing. After a long and very exciting bidding duel against another stallion station, Andreas placed the last bid and bought the stallion in partnership with Hanni Kasprzak and Søren Grønborg. The young stallion obtained a total hammer price of Euro 1,200,000.

The young stallion with catalogue no. 102 is by Rocky Lee and with Rouletto as dam sire, and he has just been awarded Premium Stallion status at his licensing.

He is a complete horse with exceptional walk, trot and canter, and a fantastic exterior.

We are very excited to see what the future holds for this spectacular stallion.”

Licensed Hanoverian 2015, also licensed Oldenburg, Westfalen, Rheinland, Mecklenburg, Dänemark und all south German Verbände./strong>




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