De Angelo


Oldenburg Reserve Champion 2017 – following the footsteps of his sire Don Schufro

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Oldenburg Reserve Champion 2017 – following the footsteps of his sire Don Schufro

De Angelo, the Reserve Champion of the Oldenburg Stallion Days 2017, and much sought-after by many stud farms, comes to Mühlen! Walking in the footsteps of his sire Don Schufro, he possesses exceptional paces with first-class hind leg activity.

De Angelo revives the spirit of the stud farm Vornholz, the legendary breeding facility of Clemens Freiherr von Nagel in Ostenfelde (Westphalia), which has been unbeaten in the breeding of international sport horses for dressage and jumping up to championships and Olympics for decades. Both parents come from the legendary Vornholz’ main breeding line of Finnländerin. The Olympic successful sire Don Schufro is currently considered to be the most influential representative of Vornholz breeding philosophy, as his great-grand-dam Fabiola, who was successful in advanced level show jumping competitions, is also an original Vornholzer. The dam St. Pr. St. Florenz leads directly to this valuable Vornholz legacy, with the licensing winner and champion producer Stedinger, the three-time successful German championship competitor Dinard L and finally with the stallion of the century Ramiro, the line founder Pluchino xx as well as Krol Walca and Oxyd.

As well as Don Schufro, many famous sires and sport stallions such as Adelfos/Markus Fuchs (SUI), Aldato, Don Primero/Karin Rehbein, Pentagon’s Peron, Polany, Radetzky and Rio Negro belong to the group of over 50 licensed stallions of this strong performance family (Han. Line 659, in Holst. Line 8808), as well as the top dressage horses Macbeth/Willi Schultheis, Malteser/Otto Lörke, Mariano/Dr. Josef Neckermann, Rubelit/Christine Stückelberger (SUI) and Tiga/Heinz Lammers and the internationally successful show-jumping horses Cindy Crawford/Piet Raymakers (NL), Elastique 2/Jörg Münzner (AUT), Enigk and Feuerdorn/Hans-Günter Winkler. Fabina, champion of the Oldenburg elite mare show 2003 and Finnländer, reserve champion of the Oldenburg licensing 2016 also belong to this family.

Approved for:

Mecklenburg, Oldenburg, Rhineland, Southern German Stud Books, Westphalia



Don Schufro Donnerhall Donnerwetter
Fiesta Pik Bube I
Florenz Stedinger Sandro Hit
Dairen Dinard L

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