A strong, beautiful son of Furstenball, Farrell is rising to the top in breeding for the extra high quality of his offspring.

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Hanoverian, brown, 2011 169 cm
Tested N/N (not a carrier) of the WFFS genetic mutation

A strong, beautiful son of Furstenball, Farrell is rising to the top in breeding for the extra high quality of his offspring. Sometimes it does happen that a stallion proves himself as a REAL quality sire, consistently producing even better than he is himself. I first saw Farrell as an impressive young stallion, and admired his pretty type and smooth conformation. Then I remember that he broke a splint bone and was out of performance testing that year…. So I put him on the back burner until time went by and he could fulfill his performance requirements. Well, that he did…. Finally in 2015 he did the Fall 35 days testing, scoring 856.5 and highlights of 9.0 for trot and 9.5 for his rideability. He has always been a really pleasant stallion to watch under saddle; nice activity of the hindleg, smooth topline and beautiful type. He has a good walk and mostly, to me, his rideability and williingess to work shines through, compliments of his sire line, Furstenball.

In the fall of 2017 Farrell presented his first sons at the stallion-approvals. In Verden, Oldenburg and Münster-Handorf he was represented by 5 sons, and ALL were licensed. 5 of his two year old daughters were selected for the final for the National Eliteshow of the Danish Warmblood in Vilhelmsborg. All five were extremely uniform in type and thereby Farrell made a particularly positive impression. The fact remains that the quality of his first crop of foals was sensational. Leggy, noble foals with great self-carriage and very good gaits. Farrell really puts a positive mark on his offspring and is suitable for a wide range of mares.

Recently I had a nice discussion with knowledgeable owners/breeders from Holland. They were so excited about having just bought a colt by Farrell. So convinced about the outstanding quality and consistency of type and movement of his offspring, they were more than enthusiastic when I told them I had just ordered a supply of frozen semen from Denmark! So, although it was not here for the beginning of the 2018 season, it is here now for the remainder of 2018 and into 2019! It is about time that U.S. breeders learn about Farrell and catch up with what Europe has learned about Farrell and his outstanding quality offspring.

Approved for:

Farrell is licensed Danish Warmblood, Hannoverian, Oldenburg, and Swedish Warmblood.



Fuerstenball Fuerst Heinrich Florestan I
Maradonna Donnerhall
Desert Rose Dacaprio Davignon I
Warina Wolkenstein II

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