Tested N/N (Non Carrier) of the WFFS gene, 2018

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While at the Fall German Bundeschampionats in 2007, I caught this gorgeous stallion, Benetton Dream, out the corner of my eye. I went to investigate who he was and followed his progress to the winning of the 3 y.o. Championship. His scores were amazing… and his walk unsurpassed!

  • Trot: 9.5
  • Canter: 9.5
  • Walk: 10.00
  • Conformation: 9.0
  • Overall Impression: 9.5
  • Final Score: 9.5

He went on to win his thirty days test at Schlieckau with high scores again in his basic gaits, and a 9.5 by both test riders for his rideability.

Earlier, in August, he was Champion Hanoverian of the 3 year old stallions at the World Championships for Young horses in Verden with the highest score of 9.0.

So already this accomplished young stallion has made great impressions.

Another great impression is his super pedigree:

He won the Federal Championships in Warendorf in 2007. He won the Hanoverian Championships of three-year-old stallions on the occasion of the World Breeding Championships Dressage for Young Horses in Verden in 2007. In front of a home crowd, he was the dominating competitor at the qualifier and the final. He convinced the judges who described him as being an “expressive Hanoverian stallion, true to type, of exceptional quality.”

Benetton was the favorite at the 2007 Federal Championships of three-year-old stallions in Warendorf, and he left all competitors behind. He achieved the highest scores in all four riding horse ability classes. His perfect, ground-covering and supple walk was judged with the fantastic score of 10,0 in both tests.

Approved for Hanover on October 9, 2007 in Adelheidsdorf.
By Brentano – Rotspon – Davignon – Weltmeyer – Sender – Duktus – Duellant

His sire Brentano II counts among the 10 best dressage breeding stallions. Apart from his valuable damline, the exceptional dressage stallions Bolero, Rubinstein and Donnerhall are combined in Benetton’s first-class pedigree.

Benetton Dream is a very large stallion and should be used judiciously with mare of high blood content (TB), more refined mares, mares needing addition of substance and caliber.

Stallion Benetton Dream 04

Stallion Benetton Dream 01

Stallion Benetton Dream 03

Stallion Benetton Dream

This is one of the foals of Benetton Dream that was produced in the U.S. 2009 from our first shipment of frozen semen in 2008. Breeder: Robin Juncal

Stallion Benetton Dream 05

Brentano – Rotspon – Davignon – Weltmeyer

Hanoverian • Brown-Black • 2004 • 173 cm


Brentano II Bolero Black Sky XX
Glocke Grande
Rötkappchen Rotspon Rubinstein I
St. Pr. Antalia
Dornröschen Davignon
St. Pr. Windrose

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