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German Sporthorse (Brandenburg)
Reg #DE456570203807 – 2007 – Dark Brown – 16.2

Quadroneur, the dark son of Quaterback, radiates his father’s qualities. He has an active, powerful trot, and a balanced and supple canter. His temperament is the best with great willingness to work and a delightful personality.

For many generations his damline comes from the Haupt Gestuet Neustadt’s “P”-line, the same family as Poetin – and also Quaterback’s mother line – so he carries this wonderful and strong mare line twice in his pedigree.

Quadroneur won his State Championship in 2010, qualifying for the German Championships, (Bundeschampionat), and was Reserve Champion in 2011. Also, in 2010 he was the Res. State Ch. of Brandenburg Region, scoring 8.4, and was Champion of the same qualifications in 2012, which then furthered him to the German State Championships.

Quadroneur is now winning and has championships at “S” level in Germany. He also has several licensed breeding sons and 4 States Premium daughters.

After several impressive foal crops he produced in 2014 Queen Rubin the winner Mare of the States Premium Show of the breeding area Brandenburg – Anhalt in Prussendorf and in the South German stallion licensing in Neustadt (Dosse) he produced a Premium Licensed son.

Quadroneur’s breeding value index in 2015 gave him a breeding value of 141 with a 76% reliability.

Licensed Brandenburg, Oldenburg, all South German registries.

Stallion Quadroneur Horse Semen

Stallion Quadroneur Horse Semen

Stallion Quadroneur Horse Semen

Stallion Quadroneur Horse Semen





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