Rolf Moormann

Diatendro: Hanoverian, 2011, 170 cm

Diatendro is handsome, powerful, and masculine! Diatendro was premium stallion of his Hanoverian licensing in 2013. He shows great scope with a powerful hind leg with excellent bascule and great elasticity. His fron leg technique is quick, careful and athletic. He has a very good uphill canter with the great length of stride. In 2014, Diatendro successfully completed his 70-day test in Schlieckau and as expected, he was amongst the best of the show jumpers. His offspring are clearly in his type; very elegant, muscular and possessing great elasticity. In 2015, his first offspring were awarded in several breeding regions.

The sire Diarado is now consistently successful at advanced level /S level***. He is one of the most sought after show jumping producers and with 156 index points in the FN show jumping breeding value estimation, he belongs to the top group. In 2007, he was celebrated as the superior Holstein champion stallion and having received excellent marks, became champion of his stallion performance test. In 2010, he won numerous Springpferdeprüfungen and the Bronze Medal at the Bundeschampionship of five-year-old show jumpers.

The dam Cobina finished her mare performance test with an excellent mark of 9.25 for show jumping. She is a daughter of the influential Holstein premium sire and stallion performance test winner Contendro I. 60 of his sons were licensed. The grand dam Galena bred to Stakkato, produced the licensed son Sicerto, who was successful in show jumping up to advanced level/S level with Rolf Moormann. Sicerto´s full sister Scala is dam of the international show jumping mare Acorte (by Acorado I), who has so far won more than 160.000 Euro in international show jumping.

With Akzent II and Goldstern we have very respected, undisputed sires in the fourth and fifth generation of this Hanoverian dam line, which is based on the family 484/Flügelschuld (by Flügelmann I-Schwabenkönig I etc.)

Approved for: Hanover, Oldenburg, OS-International, Mecklenburg, Rhineland, Southern German Stud Books, Westphalia

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