Quinnus II

Air King: 2014 Bay 170 cm, KWPN 528003201403738

Five generations of top genes – Air Jordan – Contendro I – Heartbreaker – Voltaire – Grannus – create a jumping stallion with international credentials.

With almost limitless scope and a powerful impression, when it comes to style and technique the black horse is reminiscent of his father Air Jordan, who won prestigious classes under Daniel Deusser and who began his career in Klein Roscharden.  Grandmother Remember Me has delivered four international 1,50 horses. Successful damline (Trak. line Mascotte (Mach-Ragnit), which has brought forth the stallions Albatros by Acord II (S2*, Hendrik Sosath) and Quinnus II by Quidam’s Rubin (S2*, Dennis Nielsen) as well as the world champion young showjumper Liza Minelli by Fortinbras. High hopes have been placed upon this young ace!

*I just met this wondrous stallion last week in Germany. All I can say is that my mouth dropped open. He is one of THE most beautiful creatures I have ever seen. His style, technique and drive are absolutely tops. Such a sexy stallion to look at too…. Shiny black and streamlined! I am thinking to put him on a solid mare for dressage.

Licensed for Oldenburger International, Westphalia, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and all southern German associations.

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