Deichhof‘s Romantica

DOSTOJEWSKI: Hanoverian, 2014, Black; 16.2 Hands

DOSTOJEWSKI is a beautiful son of De Niro and is true to type and captivates with the perfect harmony and elegance of his movements. The combination of De Niro with noble Trakehner stallions, Latimer and Caprimond, is especially promising.

German National Young Horse Champion Latimer was very successful with Theresa Wahler for many years. Among other, both won the Bronze medal of the German National Championships of Young Riders in Steinfeld.

State premium mare Lindsey won her mare performance test with 9.0 points for rideability and was vice champion of her mare show. Together with Danone, she provided the successful advanced level dressage mare Danse du feu (Kathleen Keller). Together with Feuerspiel she provided one of this years top auction horses, Feldrose (270,000 Euros).

The dam line provided the advanced level dressage horses Deichhof‘s Romantica, Deichhof‘s Romeo and Walkie Talkie. The family of state premium mare Debby was awarded 1c premium at the Louis-Wiegels Schau in 2003.

This dressage pedigree is especially valuable with Rubinstein and the backcross onto Donnerhall.

Licensed for: Hanover, Oldenburg, Rhineland, Westphalia, Southern German Breeders Association

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