Escalito: Westphalian, Res. CH. Of the North Rhine – Westphalian main licensing 2017 – 2015 Bay 16.1 1/2

Consider this…… a blending of strong dressage blood with strong jumper blood has in the past been a way that serious and thoughtful breeders brought changes to their programs. It is time to think that way again. To all of you “younger generation” of breeders, I beg you to think about this.

In these past years, all of us have seen the phenomenon of a few fashionable stallions covering MANY mares, and breeding has become “trendy” and short sighted. No longer do I see passionate, far-sighted breeding goals, but a greater preponderance of short sighted, “foal making” programs without substance of producing the long term, sound athlete.

Years ago, the “Specialization” of horses began to be vogue. No longer producing the “all round athlete” that could do dressage, eventing, etc., but a tendency to breed for outrageous movement, thinking this is a “dressage specialist” or breeding for straight jumper attributes. Movement in the dressage bred horses may have improved, but at what cost? The stability in the loins and push from the hind leg, with a strong hock, joints pushing from underneath the horse, has definitely suffered.

Escalito is a young, interesting, supple strong moving stallion that is worth a look. He has modern type, with the good producer Escolar as sire ((Estobar – Fuerst Piccolo – Sion); and dam sire line is Conello (Coming from Corrado I) – Carpaccio ( coming from Caretino)  – Lavall I (Calypso – Cantus)

So we have a strong foundation, push from the hind legs, suppleness, and charm! THIS is ESCALITO!!

His very special pedigree makes him highly interesting for breeding: the successful and up-to-date blood of Ehrentusch, combined with the pure Holstein jumping line 3558.

Escalito has charming type, he is very beautiful with smooth topline and strong hind end. His foundation is very correct. Escalito has sensational movements and shows a brilliant trot.

Licensed for:Westphalia, Rhineland, Oldenburg, Southern German Breeding Association, Hanover pending

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