Black 17 hands (170cm)

Owner: Gestuet Sprehe

Fuerst Heinrich is a shining example of top quality warmblood
breeding, excelling at both competition and the production of
absolute top class progeny.

He has had brilliant first foal crops, demanding high prices
at all the major auctions. The Champion foal at the
2003 German Foal Championships was a Fuerst Heinrich filly,
scoring 10 .0 . Another filly won the Southern German Foal
Championships with a score of 9.6! He passes on beauty, type,
willingness to work. He is now proving himself as a sire of sires.
With 5 sons chosen to attend the Oldenburg approvals, 4 were
ultimately licensed…with one named Champion and one named
Reserve Champion. No small feat for a young sire!
His mark has just begun.

He was the winner of his 30 day stallion performance testing in
Muenster-Handorf 2001 with the highest scores in both
dressage and jumping. His foals sold brilliantly in all the top
auction sites in Germany. He has been Champion of riding horse
tests, dressage tests and Champion of the 4 year old stallions
of the Oldenburg stallion days 2002. He was also crowned
winner of the NRW-stallion championships in Dec. 2002
in Muenster-Handorf.

His quality of conformation and movement comes through from
his noble pedigree:

Florestan – Donnerhall – Weinberg

His sire is the wonderful Westfalen Florestan I, a top producer for
sport and breeding stock. Dam’s sire, Donnerhall, is probably the most
influential dressage producer world-wide, and in the third generation,
dam’s side, is the dressage producing Hanoverian, Weinberg.

Fuerst Heinrich shown here after winning the 2003 World Champion
of five year old dressage horses in Verden.

Fuerst Heinrich is licensed for breeding with Westfalen, Rhineland,
Hanover, Oldenburg and all the South German breed registries.

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Licensed Westfalen, Rhineland, Hanover, Oldenburg
and all the South German breed registries.


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